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TO BUY/ PARA COMPRA * T1+1 c/ Varanda* BAIXA

190.000 €
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1+1 BEDROOM APARTMENT IN SANTA CATARINA STREET IN PORTO<br/>(DOWNTOWN)<br/><br/>For those looking for a new apartment in the city center, this is the opportunity they were looking for.<br/><br/>This apartment is located in the middle of Rua de Santa Catarina with great proximity to the historic center, as well as the metro lines of Bolhão, Marquês and Trindade.<br/><br/>Nearby you will find various types of services, as well as some of the landmarks with the greatest history in the city.<br/><br/>In this apartment you will find:<br/>- Kitchen equipped with: Stove, Oven, Extractor, Fridge, Maq. Washing, Maq. Dishwashing, as well as several storage cabinets.<br/>- Dining room and open space concept overlooking R. de Santa Catarina.<br/>- Room with enough amplitude<br/>- Equipped bathroom<br/>- Balcony<br/>- Storage Room /Laundry <br/><br/>This apartment has the added value of having an individual solar panel for heating sanitary water.<br/><br/>Apartment fully equipped and decorated, working to welcome guests with all the necessary amenities.<br/><br/>Now available.<br/><br/>It is undoubtedly an investment with a guaranteed return.<br/>* Construction guarantee guaranteed after deed.<br/><br/>LICENSE FOR LOCAL ACCOMMODATION GRANTED.<br/><br/>For more information please contact:<br/>António Cerqueira<br/>antonio.cerqueira@portoir.pt<br/>938 292 769/220 167 974

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